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The duraSign Pad Brilliance is the first in the line of an entirely new product family – the “duraSign Pad Series” from StepOver. This product series – and by extension this signature pad – stands out for its extreme durability coupled with outstanding security features and an elegant appearance.

Together with its off-set screen, the construction of this signature pad offers unparalleled ergonomics for signatories: whether you are left- or right-handed, it feels just like signing a piece of paper. Outstanding internal pad security coupled with an optional real-time clock for a secure date stamp on every signature, as well as optional opening recognition, make this signature pad a truly extraordinary product.


duraSign stands for durability!

The duraSign Pad Brilliance, with bright color screen and USB port, has been designed and manufactured especially for frequent and heavy use at the sales counter. Its elegant yet robust construction, featuring a 3 mm polycarbonate case and a large, hardened glass surface, makes this signature pad an attractive solution built to last.

High-resolution color screen – plenty of flexibility

The high-resolution color screen gives you enough space to insert long texts, messages, and interactive buttons. You can adjust the design of the screen content just as you please. At the counter, it is often difficult to turn the screen to the client and not disclose the displayed information to as yet unauthorized persons.

Sign the document directly

The color screen not only allows you to view small sections of text, it also allows you to sign directly on the document. The signature is displayed on the signature pad color screen in real time – just like on paper.

Special Features

  • High resolution color screen (800 x 480 pixels)
  • Color screen for displaying signatures, texts, documents, clippings, and interactive buttons
  • View the full document on large color screen using scrolling feature
  • Slide show: max. 4 images (can be generated yourself via the free StepOver picLoader)
  • Adjust the brightness of the pad screen and deactivate the color screen using the free StepOver picLoader (power-saving!)
  • Document display mode
  • Dialog mode
  • Option to switch to different transmission protocols (HID – driverless, VCom – port forwarding / Com port forwarding, Wyse – ThinOS)
  • Anti-theft feature with Kensington lock slot (certain models only; please see data sheet)


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