USB Server Appliance

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  • Share and access your USB devices wirelessly with our Virtual USB Server Appliance
  • De-clutter from messy USB cables and free up your USB ports on your desktop
  • Use your USB devices remotely through Wifi, local network or even the internet
  • Supports Windows, OSX, Linux


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In the modern world, everyone tends to have one or more USB devices. Sooner or later, you might encounter that you have run out of available USB ports or there is requirement to make your desktop clutter free of wires or you want to shift your USB device to a place that is further than the length of the cable. The only way to do it is to wait for the manufacturer to come out a wireless version which itself is not a certainty.

Wait no more! With our Virtual USB Server appliance, you can instantly “wireless” enabled all your existing wired USB devices. The shared USB device appears as if it was directly attached even though it is plugged in to a remote server, therefore all existing drivers and software work, no special changes required.

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