UPS Integration

This article outlines the integration Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) with Varius Message Router to send out SMS alerts. The supported UPS models should have network connectivity and allow configuration of email settings.

Please refer to Send SMS from external systems page to see other integration examples.


The concept involves configuring a UPS to send email messages to Varius Message Router as an email to SMS gateway. Varius Message Router will then convert the email contents to SMS.


Connect the UPS and Varius Message Router to a network switch.

UPS VMR connectivity


Set the following configuration:

  • Mail Server – IP address of Varius Message Router. 
    In this example, the IP address is
  • Sender Email Address – Email address of licensed user in Varius Message Router.
    In this example, the default user is used.
  • Email Recipients – You can set the email recipients to be individual recipients or contact group defined in Varius Message Router.
    The recipient email address format is 
    <%recipient_mobile_number%> or <%contactgroup%>
    In this example, the contact group “alertgroup” is used.
    If you need to send to multiple individual recipients, separate the email addresses with a comma. For instance, setting “,” will alert recipients with mobile numbers 11111111 and 22222222.
Click Send Test Email to send out a test SMS message.